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Evolved to lead the next generationThe Mitsubishi Electric Injection Molding Machine "MEIII series" had added wide platen specs for the new lineup and is equipped with new MAC-IX controller. The MEIII provides high reliability and takes advantage of the latest in integrated technology by Mitsubishi.
Unit of Measure



N/A 950MEIII-100S


N/A Standard

Injection Unit

Screw Diameter

N/A 3.54 in

Theoretical Injection Volume

N/A 174.5 in³

Injection Shot Mass Polystyrene (PS)

N/A 92.8 oz

Injection Shot Mass Polypropylene (PP)

N/A 74.8 oz

Max. Injection Pressure

N/A 25670 psi

Max. Injection Holding Pressure

N/A 21320 psi

Standard Injection Rate (S)

N/A 48.51 in³/sec

High Speed Injection Rate (H)

N/A 61.94 in³/sec

Plasticizing Capacity Polystyrene (PS)

N/A 1036 lb/hr

Plasticizing Capacity Polypropylene (PP)

N/A 628 lb/hr

Screw Speed

N/A 160 rpm

Clamp Unit

Mold Clamping Force

N/A 935 ton-force

Platen Size (H x V)

N/A 62.60 x 62.60 in

Clearance Between Tie-Rods (H x V)

N/A 42.13 x 42.13 in

Max. Clamping Stroke

N/A 47.24 in

Max. Daylight

N/A 90.55 in

Mold Thickness

N/A 19.69 to 43.31 in

Ejector Force

N/A 22.0 ton-force

Ejector Stroke

N/A 7.87 in


Heater Capacity

N/A 31.1 kW

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

N/A 35.8 x 8.5 x 8.5 ft


N/A 1. Above values are subject to change due to modification without prior notice. 2. The Value of plasticizing capacity are taken from the company's standard testing conditions. 3. Injection weight, Injection rate, and plasticizing capacity are depending on the used resin and molding conditions.