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    MAC-VIII+ Controller

    Mitsubishi “MMX series” combines the latest technologies with experienced two-platen clamping and injection mechanism, and delivers excellent, performance, at a lower cost.

    • User-friendly control panel built-in 12-inch touch-screen LCD.
    • Quick viewer molding and maintenance.
    • Automatic navigation & mode support when an alarm, molding condition.
    • Automatic setup feature helps operation to create molding condition easier.
    • Bilingual languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish supported.
    • Dimensional units (SI, inch and kgf) available.
    • Easy Monitoring and Data Collection PacketMAC (optional)
      Convert data from the MAC-VIII+ panel controller into CSV format, save it to USB memory, and analyse and or edit it at your computer.

  • Electric Machines

    Enhanced productivity for a new era.

    The improved MMV series has achieved higher reliability than its predecessor.
    A clamping system and platen support structure providing stable operation are adopted as basic components to achieve high-quality molding.

    To closely meet the needs of a changing production environment, a new form of injection machine has evolved.

    World's Shortest Machine Design -
    Minimum installation space and maximum machine function

    • Compact machine design to reduce installation space
    • High-speed mechanism to reduce cycle time
    • Increased efficiency reduces energy consumption.
    • Production-enhancing mechanism to reduce raw material
    • Simple mechanism and user-friendly design ensure reliable operation.